Strut Your Pout

Strut Your Pout

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Angelina Jolie epitomizes the pouty-lip-look that many women struggle to emulate. In doing so, some were fearless enough to undergo cosmetic procedures or collagen injections to achieve their desired look. While some have the courage to go to a doctor, they’re simply strapped for cash.

The good news is you don’t have to go to a professional to have your lips plumped up! The once ignored essential oils and healthy herbs lying around your house will now take centre stage. Here’s how:

Make Your Own Lip Plumper

  1. Find a small bottle or container with a tight cover which would fit your purse (i.e. glass or plastic vial). Empty lip gloss containers could also be used. Just make sure, though, that it’s been washed completely.
  2. Fill up the bottle or container with either 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin or Pure Jojoba Oil. These are available at your health food stores or can be purchased online. Glycerine and Jojoba Oil are known as humectants, meaning it draws or attracts moisture. These will moisturize your lips as well as ease the irritation caused by the plumping agent.
  3. Add a very minute amount of the natural lip plumping ingredient to the humectant. The most popular choices are peppermint and cinnamon. However, wintergreen, ginger or menthol may be used as substitutes. For a 2 oz bottle or container, 1-2 drops will suffice. For bigger ones, increase the number of drops proportionately. As with commercial lip plumpers, the natural ingredients will slightly irritate the lips to make it swell.
  4. Shake the bottle or container to mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture on your lips. There would be a tingling sensation or some heat that would be felt. For severe discomfort, wash off the mixture with cold water at once. To dilute the excessive plumping agent used, add more Glycerin or Jojoba Oil to the mix.

Give healthy herbs and other natural ingredients a second look. They just might turn out to be your big money saver!

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